English Grammar Articles Notes In Hindi PDF Download

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English Grammar Articles Notes In Hindi PDF Download

English Grammar Articles Notes In Hindi

The English Grammar has come from the “Articles” notes that will help to correct your English language. In the Competitive Examination from the Cookie Article, questions are often asked. It is very important to read the article. The articles are not a separate part of speech, they are demonstrative adjectives. Articles are used before nouns and may be called determiners. There are two kinds of articles in English language:
A and a n are called indefinite article while The is called the Definite article. Indefinite article(A & An):Article ‘A’ & ‘An’ are known as Indefinite Article, ‘an’ or ‘a’ is a weakened form of ‘one’. you can easily download the PDF from below mention download button.

  • Ex. 1. There lived in old farmer in a village.
    an old farmer = any old farmer(not definite)
    a village = any village(not definite)
  • (2.)Definite Article(The): Article ‘The’ is known as definite article because it makes the things ‘definite’.
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Ex. 1. There lived an old farmer in a village.
The farmer was the head of the village.
The farmer = same farmer
The village = same village

Common use of article A,An & The

When a singular countable noun is used in Sentence, we use ‘A’ or ‘An’ as per the requirement.

  • Ex- 1. There is a boy in the field.
  • 2. An intelligent officer is looking into the case.

Whenever a noun is used in singular or plural, countable, or uncountable, we can use the article ‘The’ with all the nouns in the sense of making sure.

  • Ex. (i) I have a book. The book is really very inspiring.
  • (ii) There were many scholars in the seminar. The scholars were discussing the role of education in our society.
  • (iii) There is some ghee in the container. The ghee is adulterated.
  • (iv) My Friend has a beautiful car. The car needs a great maintenance.

Difference between the use of article A and An

The choice between the article A or An depends on the sound of the word before which the article A and An is to be used.

Use of article ‘An’:

When a singular countable noun is pronounced between Hindi vowels (A to A), then in such a situation, we use the Article An next to that noun.

  • Ex-(i) Words beginning with vowels and producing vowel sound : an ox, an eye, an ear, an owl, an elephant, an umbrella, an inkpot, an army, an armchair, an American, an Australian, an Indian, an idiot, an ulcer etc.
  • (ii) Words beginning with consonants but producing vowel sound : an M.A, an M.P, an S.D.O., an X-mas present etc.
  • (iii) Before words beginning with silent ‘h’ and producing vowel sound : an hour, an honour, an heir, an honest man, an honourable man etc.
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English Grammar Articles Notes In Hindi PDF

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